D.B : Can you tell us about your relationship to sport, its importance in your life, in your DJ business perhaps? Do you see some similarities between your approach to sport and your approach to music?

F.G : My relationship to sport has been for my entire life. Growing up in Miami, and spending time with my family in Argentina, I was a competitive tennis player, swimmer, and then went full-on into soccer. At the age of 15, I was selected to the United States Women's National Team Pool which was a tremendous accomplishment. As a player, I was always the captain, or at the very least, the central midfielder--the maestro. I control the flow of the game, and am looked at to set the pace, and the attacking style and rhythm. This relates almost precisely into being a DJ: reading another type of game, modifying and adapting what I play to "win" in a new setting, and setting the tone. DJs and Center Midfielders have a very simple, and yet crucial role: they must set a tone, and lead a crowd towards the right outcome. With the right pace, energy, and flow.

D.B : Can you tell us about your collaboration with Adidas? Have you got new projects under construction with Adidas or an other sport brand?
F.G :  From its support of global music culture, high fashion, and overall youth energy, it is the brand that best speaks to sports lifestyle: from Run DMC, to Kanye, to Y-3, to  Nigo, to Stella and beyond. As an Argentine, adidas supports not only one of the best players in our nation's history (Messi), but it also is the sponsor of our men's and women's national teams. So, when it came to formally choosing a brand to sign to as a global ambassador, adidas was my final choice. I serve as an ambassador for football, running, and women's training. Not only do I get to represent the brand in campaigns and in performance settings, but I'm also tapped to give insight on style trends and on performance soccer gear. Adidas leverages my unique knowledge as a real footballer and downtown NYC cultural participant to help inform where the brand is going--and can go. Adidas provides me with the most amazing platform to express my love for sports and creative culture, all while authenticating me as a real athlete.

D.B : We follow you on instagram and i really love the way you wear the vintage soccer jersey mixed with with a natural sense of fashion. You use this sport aesthetic in your daily life and it's makes you having a effortless style and trendy look. The photos are always beautiful. You have the will to take the sport to another sphere? To other territories like you do with these jersey ? 

 F.G : That's very nice for you to recognize! My personal style mixes classic football jerseys with contemporary sportswear and overall NYC attitude; that's just me essentially being myself. In the US, it's now a "trend" to participate in soccer--because it's finally now seen as being "cool". I captain the KITH soccer team in NYC in the Bowery Premier League. I know that whereas outsiders see that as being "cool", it's more about performance on the pitch. Or it at least has to be a balance of both forces. Even though I'm protective of the game that I love, I hope that through what I've done has helped turn on new people to the game--by making it accessible off of the pitch. My friend Simonez Wolf who runs Nowhere FC and Football café is very responsible for bringing new energy to the game in NYC as well--as is Minh, the GM of the Bowery Premier League. Football in Downtown NYC now has a brand, a cafe, and a competitive league because of them. We're all carrying the torch together.

 The jerseys that I wear from time to time are fun. I also know that they can be conversation starters. The AC Milan jersey that I wear, for example, is not any Milan jersey. It's the one from when Van Basten, Gullit, and Rijkaard were all on the team; that's a very specific, classic Milan era. The right soccer aficionado will know. As for taking the game to another level, I really have a goal of trying out for the Argentine National Team. The social and economic disparity between men's and women's football in Argentina is insane. Women are looked down upon for playing; it's almost forbidden. I'd like to be able to play for the Argentine National Team, not only to proudly wear the AFA badge on the pitch, but also to really begin changing perceptions of women playing football in Argentina. Football is one part sport, one part national culture no matter where you go in the world. My goal is to have an impact on the game, from both the sport and the cultural perspectives.