Red Star Club, Red Star Amical Club, Red Star Olympique, Red Star Olympique Audonien, Stade Français-Red Star, Red Star Football-Club, AS Red Star, AS Red Star 93, Red Star FC 93, Red Star FC.... In its whole history, one thing has never been left out from the audonian club, its name and its logo : Red Star.

The football club from Saint Ouen is the only professional club in France whose name isn’t the city’s where it plays.

This strong difference between Red Star FC and the majority of football club in France is a part of its DNA and can be explained by multiples hypotheses. The official version has been told by the founder of Red Star but also of the World Cup, Mr Jules Rimet himself. According to him, it appears the name “Red Star” has been found out by the English governess who used to work at his house, Miss Jenny. When he asked her if she had an idea to name his newly born club, she picked the name of the shipping company which liaised with her native island from the French coast: “Red Star line”. Seduced by the idea, Jules Rimet only replaced line by Club. The Red Star was born, ready to face history.

Therefore, the official theory has its detractors. The iconic captain of the club, Mr Lucien Gamblin liked to tell his own legend. In his opinion, the name would be linked to an American circus employees who used to play football against kids on the first game play of the club : the Champ de Mars. In order to thank them, they named the club after the American circus.

The fatherhood of this historical name does not matter. Throught sick and sin, the Red Star has been standing proudly in the French football landscape for almost 120 years. The story isn’t over, his legend is yet to be written.